Book of Hours – How to Hunt for the Lessons You Want

Hunting Tips and Explanation

In General

The process starts being profitable with a skill at level 3, where you obtain 4 lessons and the skill resets to level 1. You would then only need to use 2 of these lessons (supplemented with memories) to upgrade the skill back to level 3, and 2 more lessons remain to be used for something else (or to upgrade the same skill above level 3).

This is much more efficient when starting with a skill at level 4 or 5, but requires a bit more preparation to be able to quickly spin up enough memories.

How It Works

It’s the number of lessons plus memories needed to upgrade from level 1 to level N, minus 1.

Upgrading a skill from level 1 to level 2 takes 2 memories/lessons, upgrading from 2 to 3 takes 3 memories/lessons, for the total of 5.

Subtracting 1, we get 4, the number of lessons obtained from de-leveling a level 3 skill.

So a level 4 skill gives 8 lessons (4 more than 4), and a level 5 skill gives 13 lessons (5 more than 8).

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