Legendary Hoplite – How to Beat Talos (2nd Region Final Boss)

Tips to Beat Talos

Took him out on hard with:

  • Tier 4 horsemen 2 each lane.
  • Tier 3 healers.
  • Tier 2 or 3 phalanx and tier 2 or 3 archers.
  • Almost full leadership build.

Get the perk that gives your units more damage the less health the gate have. Let in alot of units before the boss so that your units deal more damage when they fight the boss.

Build up 1 lane at a time so your units dont die. and let the hero deal with as many units as possible.

Note: I found tier 4 horsemen to be legit good. super tanky and runs around in the lanes dealing alot of damage to everything including bosses.

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