Stellaris – New Console Commands to Spawn Primitives

In the game, there are two categories of species that never reached FTL: pre-FTL societies and pre-sapient species.

By using the galaxy generation settings, they can either be made abundant or completely stopped.

How to Spawn Pre-FTL Species

To open the console, simply press the [~] Tilde key.

  • effect generate_pre_ftls_on_planet = yes
  • effect generate_very_early_pre_ftls_on_planet = yes
  • effect generate_early_pre_ftls_on_planet = yes
  • effect generate_late_pre_ftls_on_planet = yes
  • effect generate_subterranean_pre_ftls_on_planet = yes

Note: If you are interested in a complete list of cheat codes for Stellaris, we have a separate guide. It also contains all the IDs from the game!

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