Stationeers – Venus Survival Tips

Tips I can derive from my current playthrough.

Tips to Survive on Venus

  • As mentioned before, decreasing the suit pressure and increasing the temperature will extend the lifetime of your canisters by like an order of magnitude.
  • You’ll need a vacuumed chamber ASAP to open your helmet and be able to eat and drink. Sure, that’s not as fancy as a properly pressurized room, but you won’t die from a 10s exposure to vacuum. You’ll have to vacuum the chamber by using pipes as storage since you don’t have a passive vent from the start I think.
  • Food and water are not a problem short term, you can get by with the starting resources for, like, 80 days or something. Treat your HP pool as another resource bar – let yourself get hungry and thirsty to zero, just make sure to top both bars when HP is dangerously low. Venus fasting, so to speak.
  • Mine responsibly. Don’t mine with the jetpack on, don’t mine multiple Z-levels at once, don’t mine multiple voxels at once, lest the local atmospherics effects kill you by smashing against terrain. It’s a pity this issue is still out, and it’s been #1 cause of death for me.
  • Main power source on Venus is wind, no automation required, just slap and watch it spin;
  • Seeds for farming and extra gas require calling a simple trader, but everything you need to trade is in the starting boxes. You can buy gas in ice form, build a chute network to the ice crusher, use insulated pipes, tanks and connectors to not be bothered by high temp. Don’t use windowed chutes, they make the ices melt.
  • For quick steel you can use a combination of atmo gas, pumps and pipe heaters. The furnace will need to be in a vacuumed chamber. Note that at higher temps the furnace will start losing temperature due to new radiation mechanics in the Thermodynamics update, but the loss is insignificant at these temperature levels. Same can be used for some other tier-1 alloys you’ll need provided that you’re aware of how off-gassing mechanics work.
  • To grow plants at scale you’ll need grow lights and hence electrum (can be smelted similarly to steel above), and an enclosed CO2-rich cool room. Portable AC can do the cooling magic here, CO2 is present in the atmo. You can naturally use the Hydroponics station for this, but you’ll want electrum by this time anyway for automation, and extra food is good for cash flow (crops sold to plant trader, canned food sold to ore trader).
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