ZOMBI – Arena Tips and Tricks (Iron Man Mode)

Tips and Tricks for Arena

In first phase be sure to loot up extra ammo first before grabbing a pistol, and you can also push those erm…gas bottles? A bit closer to the middle (especially one near dumpsters since it has horrible positioning) to have it easier. Remember it takes few seconds before they go boom to shoot one tad earlier, and that there will be an explosive zombie in second wave, with right timing it can be deadly.

In second phase, I always went up the bus to grab mines, went back to first location in arena since it’s more open and used a flare/mine combo, Basically you throw a flare somewhere to group up the zombies, in the meantime deploy a mine, back off and let that group walk into it rather than wasting a single mine on one zombie. Afterwards you can use that little gap in the fence in first arena to circle around, collect some stuff from area near the bus, go back to open spot and deploy another mine. I think there is also explosive guy in this part too so watch out.

Third phase is depending on how previous two went, in two runs I had a spare mine so when I activated a button, I quickly ran away to drop a mine and blow the whole group, if you don’t have one, you have to use that fence gap to circle around and get into loot area. In that case you also have to deal with them being right in your face once gate closes and you collect the loot, be sure to quickly throw a flare (They should lie on the ground around loot) after you open the gate so zombies can focus on it instead of you and get that extra space.

..okay that is more of a walkthrough than tips. Um…don’t be afraid of using pistol ammo on normal zombies/bottles/explosive zombies, collect what you can before grabbing a pistol, use flare/mine combo, don’t be afraid of wasting your time to circle around an area once or twice to group up zombies if needed. Take it smart. Definitely a tip I can give is, after you reach the ladder before arena, go back to safehouse and save. If things go sideways and you will feel not confident, with low health from explosions, you should quit and waste only those few minutes rather than few hours spend on reaching there. (There is also a healthpack in the arena, on the wooden structure opposite of a bus if needed)

Hope I somehow helped. Good luck!

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