Starship Troopers: Extermination – Better Base Building Guide

Guide to Better Base Building

Real quick gents, FYI auto-turret shoot at everything, including low value threats and they don’t shoot far away. Put up a twin MG to target priority threats like grenadiers, gunners and tigers far away before they even get to the base. Auto cannons are great if the wall isn’t constantly manned. So try to place an auto cannnon and an MG in each area.

Don’t build inner walls. If you build good outer walls with overlapping fields of fire you don’t need inner walls. Inner walls also confuse players when retreating and blocks field of fire if bugs are inside of the base.

Keep the base as small as possible to concentrate player fire power and fields of fire. Use the game’s natural buildings as defenses since the bugs can’t destroy those. The longer the walls are the more stretch out the players are and the more diluted the firepower is.

Don’t use the large gates, they’re a waste of space.

Try not to use bunkers, they cost a lot of resources that can be used for turrets.

Position the watch towers 45 degrees from the center of a wall and put a manned MG in the outer corner of the watch tower to watch the sides of the walls. Kind of like this…

MG Field of Fire / MG \ MG Field of Fire
_____wall_____/ watch\______wall_______
\ /

Last thing but most important, build bases with overlapping fields of fire in mind, especially with auto cannons and manned MGs.

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