Time Wasters – Tips to Beat Don’t Move Challenge

Don’t Move Challenge Tips

You can avoid the entire problem with the ranged enemies by running Vermillion’s Fireball. This skill allows you to shoot the projectiles and avoid damage from them entirely. Make sure to LMB to shoot them.

Rosanova’s ability stops tough ships from being able to swarm you, the pushback is absurdly good. You can also hold down the button to fire at bosses, try not to use it anywhere else or your nova won’t work.

Super Plasma Planet is a great option as it will help quite a bit with defeating bosses. It also deals nice damage to the tough swarming ships and the elites.

That’s the general engine for this. I like to add in shield synergy from TeslAl crew but use Rosanova’s weapon (you don’t need the super or the crew for her nova do cleanly clear this).

When you get this completed, you get a passive that allows you to get Doc as crew without needing to buy the upgrade while the game is going.

Super Plasma Planet helps a lot with destroying boss quickly. Also if you run shield synergies you can tank a lot of damage with the shields even with terrible RNG.

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