Autumn Park Mini Golf – Ghost Popper Achievement Tips

Warning! There might be spoilers!

Tips to Obtain Ghost Popper Achievement


Ghost Popper

  • You’ve bumped into every ghost in the Pumpkin Patch with a golf ball.


The Ghosts are located on the following holes:

  • Hole 01, One Red Ghost.
  • Hole 03, Two Ghosts, A Blue and A Green.
  • Hole 06, Two Ghosts, A Green and A Red (Red can only be hit with a ‘jump’ shot).
  • Hole 07, One Blue Ghost – This one moves and occasionally moves ‘inside’ areas of the course.
  • Hole 10, One Green Ghost.
  • Hole 12, Two Ghosts, A Red and A Blue. These both move, but Blue is easy to overlook as he hides behind a drop. If you stand on the hole and look towards the tee before you start, you should see both.
  • Hole 14, One Red Ghost – This one moves and, like the blue ghost on Hole 12, can be easily overlooked for the exact same reason.

This results in 10 ghosts (three green, four red, three blue), plus the white ghost which is on the opposite end of the park from the parking lot.

One important tip

Make sure you tap every ghost prior to sinking the putt. If you sink a putt and do not tap the ghost, you will not be able to replay the hole to tap it. If you’re aiming for the achievement, you’ll need to restart the game. This resets all ghosts, so I recommend getting the white ghost after you have tapped the red one on hole 14. Then, complete the remaining holes.

Another tip

The long trail that leads throughout the park has some raised walls on the border. While it’s not easy, players may wish to try to knock the parking lot ball onto the pathway and then carefully aim their shots. You don’t have to wait for the ball to stop rolling like you do on the courses, so avoid using more than force 10 and the ball shouldn’t shoot back off the pathway unexpectedly. There is a wooden ramp that will allow an easy shot off the pathway once you’re very close to the final ghost.

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