SpaceBourne 2 – How to Control Ship

Ship Controls

The ship abilitys those are just number keys on the keyboard you can have a max of 3 ship perks depending on the ship you fly.

For the starter ship it has just 1 perk (the Cloak).

  • 1 – laser.
  • 2 – other laser bank.
  • 3 – cloak.
  • Spacebar – to fire rockets.
  • 3 ,4 ,5 – are mapped to the abilitys the start ship just has 1.

If you fly the bottom right corner shows what ability and what key to press.

To map the ship ability to a Key there is “ship perk 1” shipperk 2 and ship perk 3 in the config menue map those to your likeing.

  • 6 ,7, 8 – are mapped to the consumables you can install later on. example shild boost repearing all that things.

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