SpaceBourne 2 – How to Protect the Miners

Tips & Tricks on How to Protect the Miners

Just a simple tips & tricks on how to protect the miners instead of accidentally letting them die.

  • Put Engine Power Into Weapons

They aren’t most likely to attack you there are 8 miner ships so they should be focusing on the miner ships instead if they attack you just put your defense up and attack back.

  • Kill Drones First

You should kill the drones first since they can deal good damage to the miners without you noticing plus they are easy to kill if you use the turret.

  • Do Not Drift

If you have a combat ship targeting you, if you drift you will most likely make combat ships lose their target to you and move into miner ships which can be bad if you are in later waves.

  • Have Speedy Weapons

If you have a combat ship that has let’s say 6 weapon slots you can equip your favorite strat.

Depending on how many weapons are inserted into the same group they will be more faster meaning you can kill the combat ships more faster before they kill the miner ships.

  • Be Close To The Ships/Most Damaged Ship

This is good so they will focus on you instead of the ship you are close to (depends on the distance if you are really really close then you have an equal chance of either you or the miner ship begin targeted if you are infront of the enemy ship while begin close you will most likely be targeted so be careful and make sure you have a decent distance).

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