Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Deal with Headless Bosses

Tips to Deal with Headless Bosses

  • You can use Phoenix’s Lilac umbrella (purple) to have an easier time parrying their attacks or completely blocking them.
  • Malcontent makes Headless suffer allowing you to land several free hits on them. Be careful, though, as it is effective only for the first two (or so) times in the battle, then they become immune to the effect.
  • The mist that slows you down is actually not that much of a burden – you can run in it, albeit slowly, but that is more than enough to keep some distance between you and the Headless when needed.
  • When they become invisible – run to the place they were standing, wait for their perilous grab attack to end, then hit them 3-4 times, as they will not attack for some time after their grab.
  • As for underwater, I usually circle them by dashing around, waiting for one of their “vortex” attacks to start, circle them and land a dashing hit and then quickly swim away. Rinse and repeat.
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