Hadean Tactics – Some Tips and Interesting Synergy

Tips and Tricks

In Act One or even Act Two, try to avoid question marks and focus on collecting more cards – that’s key.

Divine feather + Vampire fairy: The Vampire fairy provides you with life steal in the first two seconds of the game. When your hero is hit by a card powered by divine feather, your health will be replenished. Temporary units dying can also trigger philosophy stone, and it usually applies to units of this level, which is quite powerful.

The charm of the mouse combined with dark sacrifice can directly kill one unit of the opponent and give you over 1000 strength, which can basically end the battle instantly. However, be careful not to have celestial units.

The celestial ability of Chancellor ensures that wander units do not die, allowing you to bring a very large army.

Cards do not need to be played at the beginning of each turn; they can be paused during the turn, especially in late-game high difficulty matches. Some cards are better played midway through; for example, defensive cards continuously decrease as you walk and incur damage. Observe who the enemy has attacked before pausing to use defensive cards against them. In particular, having multiple enchanters allows your magic to quickly recover. Once it exceeds 100 points, it cannot accumulate further. Therefore, wait until units have used their magic before playing cards so that you can accumulate more magic.

Spike is very powerful and easy to win when paired with spicate.

Purgatory is always good.

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