Secrets of Grindea – How to Beat the Red, Furious Giga Slime in the Mansion

Tips to Beat the Red, Furious Giga Slime in the Mansion

I see a lot of people struggling with this. It’s a challenge boss that is designed to scale with the player up to level 25, to ensure people who stumble across it later in the game don’t accidentally 1-shot it and trivialize it. The fact that it stops scaling at 25 means you can still put it off until endgame, when you should be around level 35, but for those who want to kill it earlier:

  1. Put three points into the Blink utility skill. This will help you negate the slime, use it only to put enough distance between the boss and you to feel safe between attack cycles.
  2. Put three points into the Barrier utility skill. This will give you some leeway if you do mess up and get jumped on, or get hammered.
  3. Sneak in damage with your skills only when it’s truly safe. This battle isn’t a race, it’s chipping away when and where you can.

Blink and/or counter slash is the way to kill all giant slimes.

The problem with giant slimes is that their jumps prevent blocking entirely (and the slime on the floor prevents running). The hammer catches simply people off guard but its still blockable.

Counter Slash is great since when you get the timing right, you can dodge everything and get bonus damage while you are at it. Unfortunately, its 1H weapon only so everyone else has to settle for Blink.

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