Secrets of Grindea – Arcade Mode Tips

It’s challenging because it’s arcade, known for its difficulty to keep players inserting quarters.

Tips for Arcade Mode

A tip for smoother runs in arcade mode: Focus on one or two skills, then invest the rest of your points in support skills. Barrier acts as a safety net and boosts EP regen, prolonging your survival.

Barriers only protect against direct damage and won’t help with aiming for S rank (damage to the barrier lowers your score).

I recommend getting the snow summon. Even at level 1, it serves as a decent meat shield.

For S rank enthusiasts, you don’t need to clear all rooms, but you’ll miss out on exp.

To make Catalyst 0 of arcade mode easier, invest a point in barrier and use it at the start of every room for a free health boost.

In arcade mode, shielding is essential. Shield the Bloomo and Helloweed to create an opening for attack, especially when the Helloweed is tunneling. Perfect guarding deflects ranged attacks, often one-shotting the shooter.

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