The Witch of Fern Island – Resource Map (Seasonal Crop, Animals, Logging & Quarries)

Fern Island Maps

Detailed maps will help you find the locations of the following resources:

  • Herbs
  • Mushrooms
  • Flowers
  • Seashells
  • Logging
  • Quarry
  • Cuflow
  • Gems / Minerals
  • Fruit

On Fern Island, plants can be grown both wild and in cultivation on the witch’s farm. They may be used with other materials for crafting after being charmed.


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Logging & Quarries



How or with what I can mine the spirit wood for the broom?

You will need either the Great Axe while running a Strength Potion, a Master Axe, or use the Astral Termites Potion on it.

If you’ve gotten Astral Termites from chests and still have one, it’s going to get you the most yield if you use it between two stumps or on a clump of stumps, but you won’t get blue or yellow quality using the potion. You basically sacrifice quality for quantity with it.

It seems like the baits are entirely different in some cases or sometimes the bait is not used up after catching a fish

That is correct. It has a chance to use them you can catch anything with any bait, but some make it more likely to get specific fish!

I have a chest next to the selling table if I put stuff in there will it still be there or will it get sold over night

Only things you put into the stall will be sold. The chest next to it you can put things in and they will be safe. I use it to store things I am going to sell when spots empty out in the stall.

Does each paffti shrine have its own likes and loves or once you find a love its generic through them?

Each shrine has its own. If you look at the likes, except the seaweed… what do those items make? That’s how you find the love item and you get a one time reward. After that, I give them seaweed to get shroom, leaf or turnip.

When does the main quest start?

The main quest starts with Siemebor essentially and it lasts a few seasons (due to herbs and shrooms you’ll need). But you can do at your own pace. There’s no time limit. There are a few MQs started separate from each other but connect in story and some tasks.

You have to explore every nook and cranny of the map to find them.

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