Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders – Mine Locations Map

Mines Maps


Iron mine is direct East of Sandal Castle. SW of Red Rock Mine (Copper). Also if you build a level 2 or higher quarry at your village it will automatically harvest iron for you at a pretty steady pace.

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    Limestone south from nine ladies stone circle requires pickaxe of sharpness 2 so copper one applies.





    Where to Find Gypsum?

    Gypsum is a RNG loot reward only.

    What is Unknown Ore?

    When the game ends, there is no more unknown ore. Unknown ore is all ore that you CAN’T mine using the equipment you now have.

    How to Get Sulphur?

    You make it at the Alchemy Lab – You’ll need 2 Pyrite – Which you can get at Cae Coch Pyrite Mine right outside of New Millerdam (very close south of it).

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