Ready or Not – How to Beat the Spider Mission

Useful Tips for the Spider Mission

You can have your AI squad do all the work for you by pulling up the command menu and doing “Search and Secure.”

That command basically tells the entire squad to scour the map and handcuff any unrestrained civilians, collect any weapons still lying on the ground, etc.

Some very important things to note about this:

  • “Search and Secure” only seems to become available when all suspects are neutralized and restrained. In any other circumstance, it will be replaced with “Search Room” which merely tells the squad to handle the immediate room/area (versus the entire map).
  • I’ve had instances where this still doesn’t actually take care of every civilian. If a civilian is behind a door that you haven’t yet breached, for example, your squad won’t go there. On top of that, if a civilian isn’t compliant (i.e. is still running around), your squad won’t automatically go to them and try and make them comply, either. Your squad will only handle civilians that are on their knees waiting to be restrained.
  • Your squad will not automatically find “soft objectives” for you, like reporting optional evidence at crime scenes. You, the player, must always take care of this yourself.
  • After you’ve issued the Search and Secure command, look at your squad members’ statuses in the lower-righthand corner to see what they’re currently going after. If they’re on their way to handcuff a civilian for example, it’ll say something like “Preparing to Restrain” next to their name. If they’re collecting a weapon, it’ll say something like “Collecting.” This will help you determine whether or not they’re actually in the process of helping clean up. If you issue the Search and Secure command and they merely continue standing around and you don’t see any change in the status underneath their names, that means you’ve likely encountered one of the problems detailed above (there’s a civilian somewhere you haven’t yet accessed; there’s a soft objective you haven’t yet found; etc. etc.).
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