Ready or Not – Tips to S Rank (Pacifist Run)

S Rank (Pacifist Run) Tips

  • Run Beanbag Shotgun, any weak 45 acp pistol as a backup.
  • Bring a stinger or flash launchers as equipment unless you are the breacher, use CS gas grenades.
  • Beanbag is good for room breaching and pure “stopping” power.

Don’t take and secondary mags and load up on gas…do the same for your squad. mirror everything, leave the squad in safe places as much as possible, be granular in controlling them – only ask one guy or team to do things, as it saves them getting caught up together in and around doorways. Go slow when you can and hope for good rNg otherwise.

Maybe just me, but I have an outside-in method, where I work my into a map instead of penetrating and working out. Never get surrounded with your squad. As cracked as the enemy AI is, so too is the squad AI, at least in terms of seeing and shooting at enemies, which often draws you into situations you didn’t choose wherein you’ve lost control and are often doomed.

I use the pepperball AR. Takes more shots to put someone down but the BB shotty is just too slow to fire and needs too high accuracy to be reliable. With the pepperballs, you can shoot the area immediately around an enemy (I often shoot at their feet if they are behind cover) at it will take effect…don’t need direct hits.

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