Going Medieval – Animal Management Tips

Tips to Animal Management

Plant Flax in your animal pens. Oddly the animals like to eat it and flax is an easy crop to grow and produces plenty of seed so I’m happy to let them munch away and save on the hay.

Always send your traders pet dog or cat with them when they go on a trade mission. If you don’t they pine for their master and start wandering around the map looking for them. I lost more cats to wolves that way than I like to think about before I noticed the connection.

When forming a trade caravan don’t send multiple settlers. Send you best trader and as many asses as you can. The asses carry much more than a human and don’t do anything else worth worrying about.

When a caravan returns from a mission loaded down with juicy goods. Save the game. Things sometimes go wrong in the final stages of a caravans journey. I’ve had my trader drown trying to swim a river. I’ve had animals attacked and killed by wolves. So, take a saved point just in case.

Some animals in a returning trade caravan seem to like to wander. Chickens…I’m looking at you. Be prepared to Draft all your settlers into animal rustling teams and go rope those chickens and show them the way home. Preferably before the wolves spot them.

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