Phoenix Point – Tips for Keeping Up with Resources

How to Save Resources

Don’t hire people from “recruits” tab – they are a waste of resources, UNLESS They got amazing talent combos that will prove hyper useful later. Like, uh… A sniper with early Close Quarters Combat or Strongman talent, who can prove to be very useful on a dedicated mechanized scavenging team.

Always hire people directly from havens – that way you save time and resources on buying them already with weapons.

Steal 1 aircraft of your choice. Stealing Helios is recommended. Put 2 soldiers on it send it to assist other aircrafts by providing additional man-power.

Acquire a free vehicle from Scavenge Vehicle mission. Pray its Scarab or – ideally – Armadillo.

Craft a Thunderbird to carry it, assign 1 technician, 2 assaults and 1 sniper with fitting talents. You’ve just created one of the most stupid broken squads in the game that can NAIL scavenge operations securing ALL the loot. Found a scavenge mission? Send these guys there and loot it clean. They’ll barely encounter any issues if you play them right and be #1 resource providers of your early-to-mid game.

Assaults loot, sniper kills, technician keeps the vehicle repaired and oiled.

They are also perfect patients for augmentations – they get a lot of value from them and pretty much never get shot, so you don’t waste any money on repairing them.

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