Rainbow Six Siege – Useful Tips for New Players

Gameplay Tips for Noobs

This game is misrepresented, imo. It appears to be a tactical team based shooter, but the majority of players do not work together or even utilise the full potential of operators and their gadgets.

Most people treat this game as a one shot head shot team death match. That said here are the 3 main points, imo, that makes a good siege player – in descending order.

Mouse Control

One-shot head-shot. You don’t need to learn spray patterns or spray control if you always tap fire + muzzle brake (sometimes you don’t get a choice though).

Obviously it’s better if you have all the aspects of mouse control down but the fact of the matter is one shot head shot drastically reduces the mechanical skill required to get a kill with a weapon.

Map Knowledge

Knowing where you are, what the layout around you is, and where footsteps and sounds are coming from is important. Even if your aim isn’t that good, if your opponent is lost and you are not then you have an advantage.

You can use map knowledge to floorbang, wallbang, preplace nitro cells, kapkan traps, play vertically, work out fastest route from A to B. That said, this game is 8 years old, most people know most maps but you can still get the same advantage on maps that are new / reworked or just the least popular. The best way to learn maps that are new to you is to roam.

Util + Operator Knowledge

Knowing how to counter your opponents’ gadgets will prevent you from getting checkmated. If you lost a round because you didn’t have hard breach denial then use bandit/kaid/mute next round.

If you keep getting pinged then use mute/solis/mozzie. If you keep getting overwhelmed with flashes/smokes/nades use jager. If you pick up on someone’s main and you know their counter then that’s going to make it easier for you.

General Tips

Important thing I’ve learned in dealing with defenders/attackers. Mag dump.

Dump your ammo on them whether you know they’re there or not. Unsure if there’s a defender by the door? mag dump Thought you heard something behind the wall? Magdump by the entrance. A pixel moved? Mag dump.

Frankly speaking, can’t say for ranked, but I’ve seen this work most of the times since defenders/attackers like taking quick peaks despite someone’s mag dumping on them. Not to mention, in reality, you’ll probably only use like 2-3 clips of your gun before the match ends or you die.

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