SCP: Secret Laboratory – Can I Choose What to Play?

Is It Possible to Choose What to Play?

Fully randomized, although you can somewhat manipulate the odds of spawning as a specific SCPs.

Main Menu->Settings->Other (or one of the windows there). There’s a preference slider there where you can set the likelihood of you spawning as that SCP (if a round spawns them, that is). It’s self explanatory, really.

As for NTF and Chaos… well, I guess you can “kiss your son” at the start of every round. You’ll have to chill for 5 minutes in spectators, though.

Note: If you haven’t thought or done it already, I recommend setting up the preferences for all SCPs instead of just maxing out your favorite.

Let’s say, for example, you really like playing as 173 but you don’t like playing 049. You only set 173 to max and did nothing about the other SCPs. You were one of the four players the game picked to be one of the SCPs and, lucky for you, 173 is in the pool of SCPs that will spawn.

However, one of the other three players had also set 173 to max and, in a coin toss, the game picked him to be 173. By your preferences, the game judged that you enjoy the other SCPs about the same, so it randomly picked 049 as your SCP.

If, say, you like playing 939 more than 049 and it was one of the SCPs that spawned, you could’ve avoided this if you had set 939 higher than 049.

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