Rainbow Six Siege – Tips Regarding Graphics Settings

Configure Graphics Settings

Set shading to low – makes things easier to see from outside looking in through windows.

As it controls lighting quality which sucks in all siege builds when looking in through a window on maps with sun outside (too dark).

Set reflections to low – removes the horrid distracting shimming blurry mess on reflective surfaces like cupboard doors on kaf dos kitchen.

Set ambient occlusion to off – makes things easier on the eyes as it removes the unrealistic darkening of everything and makes things less blurry too. i know some will swear AO makes things more realistic but i beg to disagree..how many thick black shadows do you see on room corners in real life in a well lit room? i used to think AO was cool but i turn it off in games to save my eyes from straining.

Those are the only graphics tips i have…wish i used them ages ago but they’ve improved my gameplay experience a lot recently.

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