Risk of Rain 2 – Tips for Survivors

Survivors Tips

As a general rule, all survivors are good because all survivors have access to items, and items are far more important than skills. You can win with all of them. Ive even won with Void Infestor, where your only attack kills you (but youll need the MonsterMash mod to play as one).

Deciding which characters are objectively better than others is almost impossible, but some that I would say stand out:

  • Bandit (highest no-item single target damage in the game {based on my testing}, ability to turn invisible too)
  • Captain (hacking beacons break early game scaling if you hack chance shrines or 2 chests close to each other, diablo strike skips early bosses, captain genuinely feels gamebreaking to me)
  • MUL-T (power mode nailguns is a proccing machine, ridiculous damage numbers if you focus proc-based items)

The “weaker” characters:

  • Artificer (No consistent damage because of cooldowns, doesnt actually do enough damage to warrant the cooldowns)
  • Acrid (I think both poison and blight are good actually, but why wait to let things die when killing them now keeps you safer? Only ranged attacks are on cooldowns too)
  • Mercenary (not actually weaker at all, but requires way more effort and focus for the same output as other characters just holding M1)

Artificer is the only character I think is genuinely bad.

You might need to consider which items to focus on if youre finding issues with a particular character. Think about the standard moveset and whether youre lacking single-target damage, crowd control, or mobility, and try to focus those areas with printers and multi-shops.

Commando has a great proc rate, so you will have found success with items like Tri-tip daggers, but moving onto other characters you might want to focus other items that work with different skills and stats. Artificer, for example, I think gasoline + ignition tank + taking the two fire-based skills is the best way to go. Tri-tip dagger is basically useless for her.

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