Phasmophobia – Beginners Tips

Tips for New Players

There’s a ton of depth to the ghosts in this game, but there’s also a lot of basics that can cover most situations, so let’s start there.

Being in the dark lowers your sanity. Lower sanity = more active ghost in general. Most ghosts can start hunts (which can kill you) around 50% sanity. Turning on room lights can help reduce sanity drain and give you more time to collect evidence.

The ghost is always present in the map as an invisible entity that affects things around it. If you see activity, the ghost is in the area. Some items, like spirit box, require you to be in the same room as the ghost to get results.

The ghost has a favorite room. At higher difficulties, the ghost can change favorite rooms. It will spend most of its time inside the favorite room, which means that’s the best room to get evidence in. Ghost orbs (which you can only see on the video camera) can always only be found in the ghost’s favorite room. The invisible ghost entity makes the room it is in cooler over time, so the ghost room is generally the coldest one in the house.

Ghost hunts are scary, but you can survive them. Pay attention to where hiding spots are in the map. When the ghost starts to hunt, it will play a specific sound (there’s roughly a dozen ghost sounds, one of which will be picked per game for the hunt sound. The others will play during ghost events). On lower difficulties, the ghost will give 4-5 seconds of playing this sound, flickering electronics, and shut the front door before it starts moving around the house hunting. Use this time to get to a hiding spot.

During a hunt, the ghost can sense your electronics, so make sure you turn off your flashlight and anything that’s in your hand. The ghost can also hear you, so either play with push to talk or be very, very quiet during a hunt. Lastly, the ghost can see you, so break line of sight before hiding or it will get you.

There’s so much more to learn, so I recommend playing the training mode to learn about the different evidence types and get more familiar with the controls. After that, clicking on each item in the shop will bring up a bit more information about them, which might be helpful.

Have fun hunting.

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