Phasmophobia – How to Find the Ghost Favorite Room

How do you find the ghost favorite room and not die? Here are some basic tips for you.

Tips to Find the Ghost Favorite Room

On Amateur and Intermediate difficulties, you do have a 5:00 or 2:00 timer respectively where the ghost cannot hunt, so you can look without fear at the very start. These timers begin the moment you open the front door.

Method one

Look for puffs of breath – that indicates the room you are in is cold (but not necessarily freezing), which means that’s either the favorite room, or near the favorite room if the ghost is wandering a lot. Alternatively, take in the thermometer, the tier 1 thermometer will immediately show lower temperature when entering the room with the ghost, and will generally fall to about 4ºC or less.

Method two

Look for disturbed objects. Door sounds, items being thrown, etc. If you walk into a room and see things scattered on the floor, the ghost is either in or near that room.

Method three

The parabolic microphone can be used well on bigger maps to help hear activity from further away.

Method four

You can use certain cursed objects to find the ghost, but they do have some risks – to begin with, any use of a cursed item immediately ends the 5/2 minute setup timer. The cursed mirror shows you where the ghost is, at the cost of a certain amount of sanity each use. The monkey paw can trap the ghost in its room, and after the effect ends, the ghost will hunt. Until then, you can find a room with a door you cannot open, that’s the room. The Ouija Board can tell you what room the ghost is in at the cost of 50 sanity. The music box makes the ghost sing, but costs sanity if you’re near the music box (can place, but not throw it on the ground and move away, but if the ghost is close, it will move to the box then hunt). The voodoo doll makes interactions happen at a sanity cost, but there’s a random chance to push the heart pin every time (guaranteed with low sanity) which starts a hunt.

Method five

Which rarely works, but can have some success on larger maps is to use the fixed cameras on said larger maps. I’ve located ghost orbs on Prison, for instance, without even having gone all the way inside.

Finally, method six

Go in with a video camera at the ready as you look for breath in each room; if you’re lucky, you will see a ghost orb, which will always be in the ghost’s current favorite room.

Once you get used to looking for the room early, you can usually start to find it pretty quick.

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