Fortune’s Run – Tips for Fighting Anserrah, Primus Inter Pares

Anserrah, Primus Inter Pares Tips

Staying mobile is your best bet. I was having troubles with him until I decided to go full-crackhead and just run around like I’m playing a boomer shooter.

SMG is probably the best weapon, followed by the scattergun. Didn’t really use the pistol on him but I assume that’d work too.

Don’t forget your stimpaks either. You should have a few left and they can keep you in the fight even if you’re messed up.

Hand-to-hand is pretty effective I found, if you have the ballistic vest. He drops a plate every time you knock him down, so you can stay in the fight longer. It got to the point where I didn’t even try using my guns on him. Also in the patch notes it says he takes extra damage from the gas leak fires…

As a general combat tip (not just for bosses), try to weave kicks, jump kicks and slide kicks in with your attacks. While this forces you to get close to dangerous enemies, those attacks can take down their balance, which can help to stop them from blocking and interrupt their attacks.

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