OCTOPATH TRAVELER II – How to Beat Secret Boss

Secret Boss Fight Tips

Here are a few useful tips:

You can cheese the second round of the fight very easily if you use Partitio for the second phase AND if you have a lot of money. And I mean A LOT!!! Basically Partitio has this move called Negotiate Schedule (if you visited the Merchant altar that is).

This skill make it that, by paying money, you can “steal” the turn of an opponent. Like I said, it’s very costly, so hopefully for you, you can deal lots of DPS quickly with the rest of your team. And yeah, it’s a cheap move but, believe me, the second part is WAAAY harder than the first part, so if you want to use a cheap move don’t feel bad about it! lol

Now to defeat the first part, since that’s where you are struggling; for me the MVP was Throné. But not just Throné, a boosted Throné. Get as much Speed on her as you can, as much Strength on her as you can (and by saying that, I include boosts from moves like Swift Step and Lion Dance); then also get the Defense down on ALL parts of Galderra (a Sealtcge’s Seduction + Armor Corrosive combo can do the trick); then ALSO have the Peak Performance passive skill equipped on Throné (from Armsmaster), while also making sure Throné is at full health.

When you’ve managed to do all that set-up, throw an Aeber’s Reckoning in there; If you’ve set everything up like I said before, you should, I believe, be able to do enough damage on all the “minions” surrounding his main body part to just straight up destroy them all! So no need to worry about counters! Just always make sure Throné (and, yeah, I guess you need Agnea too in there) are up and ready to do that at any time, because you never know when the minions will come back.

So keep their BP up, keep Throné’s health up, keep the Speed Boost and Strenght boost on Throné up, and be ready to throw the Sealtcge’s Seduction/Armor Corrosive combo whenever the minions reappear; otherwise Throné’s damage might not be enough. Also, a bit optional but still very helpful: For the main body part, he gets a lot of Shield points near the end.

But I had Ochette in my team with a monster that was doing two Dagger attacks, of which Galderra’s main body is weak against. So pulling a boosted Provoke Beasts worked like a charm. Also something else that worked well was Agnea’s Windy Refrain; that really allow you to keep a good control of the battlefield; from what I recall, losing that control even for a little bit gets dangerous.

So yeah, again, that’s what I remember of how I defeated him in Octopath Traveler 2. Again, a little bit cheesy on Part 2 but that fight was way too hard otherwise! It’s probably not the only way to win this fight, but it worked really well for me.

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