Lords of the Fallen – How to Beat The First Boss (Pieta)

The First Boss (Pieta) Fight Tips

I dont know if its my graphics settings or just the way the game is but ive noticed in this game to get a perfect block leading up to that red dot attack, you need to press it way before the enemy is about to hit you.

For this boss id say start looking at her sword pattern, it hits in a 180 degree arc, when you see her at the opposite swing of you and its about to come press the button and it’ll block.

Also, use 2 hand if you can get used to the slower timing.

I started as a spear guy, and while hes much faster and is great for normal mobs, the boss was taking to long to do good damage.

Extra Tips:

On her sword swings most times she does a 2 sword swing and stops, you can tag her in those instances twice. if she does the 3 sword swing either block all and do the big red dot damage, or tag her twice again.

Once you get the timings down for blocking on her swings, then the second faze you can use a combo of dodging when she raises her sword slightly to swing, or even better get used to blocking once again.

Her patterns on second phase are pretty much the same except sometimes she summons two phantoms for the insta kill beam, she summons one phantom for a quick side swipe, and of course shes in the air.

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