OCTOPATH TRAVELER II – How to Get HP and SP Without Consumables

Tips to Get HP and SP

That’s actually a lot of options.

  • For HP and SP you can rest at inn for a cheap price, or even free if you have a good guy as Partitio’s follower.
  • For HP particular, there are many skills, you can do First Aid or Doze (sleep and restore 50% HP) at just 2SP.
  • You also full restore on level up.
  • If you have the materials and the meter you can use Castii to max restore mid battle. Ochette has some healing capturables for herself (maybe some aoe ones down the line). Partitio can just rest mid fight. You got options.
  • Sound like Hikari – Castii – Partitio – Ochette would be a good team for sustaining.
  • Use Agnea as your SP tank. Allure an NPC that gives you Peaceful Prelude, so whenever Agnea dances to buff someone, the NPC will additionally restore 75 SP for the targeted character.
  • Apothecary’s passive abilities are also great for restoring SP, such as restoring 30% HP/SP upon winning battles, and restoring SP when breaking enemies.

One of the best options I found is the first Apothecary passive. Once you get the first license, 130 JP will give every character that wants it a 30% HP and SP heal after every battle, which is huge. Completely changed the game.

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