Kenshi – How to Progress

Tips to Progress

Make a base while your peeps are not combat skilled is not viable early game. Use the Hub as preliminary one. Buy buildings there – there are a couple of large/medium buildings . This place also allows you to build small wind gen on roof tops for added power. Only crafting machine you cannot use effectively there is weapon smith. This is because it uses steel bars & fabrics. Quite a lot.

Further do research until Level 6 Tech Tier while stationed in the Hub. Armor smithing is easiest to increase while stationed there. There is an iron node just out side to the west gate. Plate beating station does not require power nor light. For building materials just buy from the Trader in Vain / Tech Hunters waystation. Build a building material storage in one of your houses & stock pile it. Usually by the time you are ready the materials will be more than enough.

However I must caution you that traversing through Vain while your peeps are not combat ready is quite risky. Also make sure everyone wears shoes. Crawling /walking barefooted will get your peeps acid burns for non Hivers/Skeletons.

Best place for me to do combat stats building is Cannibal Plains. Best enemy there for this skinny cannibals. Best method for me to increase attributes is mining some iron then putting it into back packs. Use the mod for advance BP. You can stack up to 75 per space. Carry around 300 iron then put the BP in your inventory. Get the overloaded status then walk to raid all the labs/workshops. You can start from the NW to the South.

You need all the Ancient Science Book/Engineering Research/AI Cores to finish Tech Level 6. However you need an Anchor to achieve this. Some one needs to be able to be the last person standing to patch/splint every one else. I use the Heroic Starts mod for this. So my main will be the one doing this. I start with 4 in my group. Once they can maintain their grounds then I ‘ll add more. Usually 2 more & repeat.

Shift & R Click a point loop. Then repeat the same for a different point. Then they will go back & forth if you do it for like 20 times. The downside is if attacked they will not retaliate. So you gotta baby sit them unless the surrounding is 100% safe.

As for enemies hassling you choose the biomes with least number of enemies/threat level. That is why suggested the Hub as preliminary. The animals / enemies are mild. Just make sure you pick up your people that go down quickly before the Slavers enslave them. Do some research.

Main thing is your peeps can stand their their grounds then you’re good. For example those Black dragons that hit you can be stopped if you go & whacked their leaders & their base. No more raids. HN territories is a trap. Sure it is fertile but once you get Hydrophonics there is no need for fertility. That is a Level 6 tech research & requires AI Core. So take your time to build your squad. Good luck.

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