Lethal Company – Survival Tips

Tips to Survive

There’s certainly prep you can do and knowledge of the different creatures that you can use to your advantage but at the end of the day if you’re caught outside with the big lads your best hope is to drop everything and sprint either back to the facility or to the shuttle. Having someone hang back and give intel through the radio is already about as helpful as it gets.

Avoid staying on the planet past around 5:20 pm as that’s when the night comes and even more creatures stalk the surface. There is still a chance of them being out and about during the day, but nighttime is basically guaranteed slaughter. This means being able to quickly and efficiently cover enough of the facility is vital. Spamming right click to constantly scan is a good way to keep an eye out for threats and loot too, alongside making it slightly more bearable to see in dark areas without a light.

Avoid the random events when picking planets. Constantly check the conditions of planets before landing by typing Moons into the console. Be it Rainy, Stormy, Eclipsed, etc. The last thing you need is for things to be even harder outside the facility.

In the end I think going into the game with the expectation that at least one crew member is getting ripped to shreds, eaten, lost, etc. Just need to enjoy those moments when the do occur since this is definitely more of a lighthearted game and trying to heavily optimize play styles is just going to take away from that. Not say that’s what you’re doing of course.

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