ARK: Survival Ascended – Cheat Mode

Hard work: cheat codes are always available if that’s not your thing. We’ll go over several ARK: Survival Ascended tricks with you that will make the game simpler and/or more enjoyable!

How to Activate Dev / Cheat Menu

If you press the crouch and run at the same time a cheat menu will come up:

  • [Shift] + [.] Key

After that, a cheat window will appear on the screen containing all sorts of options (see the screenshot below).

Cheat Menu:

How to Enable Console

In game press [Esc] go to settingings Advanced left row 5th tab. In the same row as client network speed. Default is off. Once you have done that back out to game play.

Than just hit [Esc] onece and option will be in the bottom left.

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