(the) Gnorp Apologue – 23 Talent Points Build

Useful Tips for 23 Talent Points Build


  • Primary Collection: Mountaineers, mountaineers and more mountaineers. Upgrade them to max, and to power up them even further get the talents: “Hiking Buddy” and “Descent of the king”.
  • Secondary Collection: I usually get 1 zygnorp, and have that one using the Mountaineer-inspiration.

Runners are pretty much useless at collecting, only reason I use them is to get the G.E.E.T chance up which means more rockets=more damage.

For damage not in a particular priority:

Slammers with Combo Power upgrade, (Not Fire Breath! , since that stops the combo), and for them the following talents: “Motivation”, “Combo Power talent” and “The Flow”, while using the Runner-inspiration

Archers with Ice Arrows and the talents: “Deals”,

The XY-AB rocket platform, just get it. And runners to GEET. And talents “Project:constellations” in ordet to trigger critical hits generated by gun-gnorps.

Garden, using only blue and green flowers, and the zybe-upgrade to generate more of them. And the talent “Notes”

Gun V Rock: Riflegnorps with the talents: “Explosive Exposition”, and if you have access to the last group of talents (I cant remember when you unlocked them) “Modern Warfare”. This is where a big bulk of the damage is gonna come from

Baby Drones: spesifically baby drones in order to do damage, not to collect. With Adaptive Learning upgrade. The tricky part about these are that you need to stay in a single tier for an extended time in ordet to grind up the money and buy as much drones as possible.

So I dont buy drones until tier 9, and even then its only for the damage for the final tier. Double the damage with talent: “Drone Capacity”, if you have access to that.

So that would make a total of 11 talent points. In addition to the above mentioned I strongly recommend atleast “Extra housing” ,and “Bigger Pile”, And if you have unlocked the last tier of talents, then “GnorpCalibur Unleashed” is a must have.

General Advice:

Depending on if you want to get more talent points, or just reach the following tier in compression events, one advice is to make your mountaineers rest, and to disable the zygnorps inspiration. This will nullify your collection and make the pile grow larger.

Once it has gotten to a notable size, you can re-enable the mountaineers and zygnorps inspiration, this will give you a huge burst in collection rate, very likely enough to earn another talent point.

I would be careful with drones early game, you might end up in a bottleneck where the drones collect too fast -> the pile becomes too small for mountaineers to climb-> collection rate goes down-> rock starts to take back shards -> the money drones collect wont be enough to buy upgrades to crank up the damage against the rock -> game over. Happened to me once, so after that I`ve never used drones for collection.

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