Kenshi – Beginners Tips

There isn’t really anything you need to know in detail. Just start the game, pick a starting scenario that sounds good to you and go for it. You will learn everything on the fly.

Tips for Newcomers

Explore the world and make what you want of what you encounter. Find things that interest you and do what you feel like doing.

This may be relevant beginner information though:

  • Your characters need to feed regularily (other than robots/skeletons). They will automatically eat as long as you have a food item in their inventory. Food items have a nutrition value. Items like water and alcohol do not count (no nutrition value). If the food item is in a character’s backpack anyone in the party can eat it. Therefore, get a backpack or pack animal early. Hunger negatively affects a character’s performance. Stats are decreased while a character is starving and he may eventually die. Enslaved characters are fed automatically at a low level as long as they are obedient. No need to worry for them.
  • Characters heal automatically if their condition is not too bad. But usually a damanged body part will worsen until treated with a medkit. Your character may pass out and die if you do not treat it in time. Medkits are dirt cheap, always carry a few with you. Skeletons must be repaired instead and therefore require either an expensive robot repair kit or a skeleton repair bed (prefered method if you can find one). Knocked out or severely wounded characters can be carried around by your other characters. Keep this in mind if someone slows down your party because of damaged legs or similar.
  • Some environmental conditions may cause harm your characters. The most common condition is acid rain. The most harmless is probably the dust storm because it does not hurt your characters directly but it will significantly lower their combat ability. Get protection gear if you encounter such conditions and still want to traverse an area. Very important for acid rain territory: get boots or your characters’ feet will melt off in no time! Skeletons are immune to many environmental conditions.
  • Limbs may be cut off during combat. You then need to replace them with a prothesis. A lot of people cripple their characters on purpose because robotic limbs have specific stats that may be helpful in combat or other tasks (they also have downsides though and good replacements are expensive).
  • Some of the characters that you can recruit are unique. Unique in the sense that they have a special backstory, usually higher stats, may say few special lines and always look the same. Many can also be found in the same location in every game. Most other recruits are generic and randomly generated. It’s difficult to distinguish these from each other on your first playthrough unless you consult the wiki. As a rule of thumb: if a recruit asks for 3000 or 6000 cats then he is probably generic.
  • Buiding an outpost early on can be problematic due to attacks. Better to learn more about the world and develop your characters first. You can also just buy a house in a town (click on the house or ruin – there will be a buy button) and build some early crafting stations there if you feel like crafting or researching. Or just place a bed down for healing, some storage crates, etc.
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