Hollow Knight – How to Defeat the Radiance

Tips to Beat the Radiance

  1. This is the boss that you can touch. You don’t take damage when jumping on her. Only attack do damage. So this gives you more room for maneuvering.
  2. All attacks are telegraphed either by visual cue or sound. So Learn the pattern.
  3. Be patient. Wait for the safe openings. Radiance gives plenty of them.
  4. Always keep the cooldown of your shade cloak. You need it for the pillar of light attack.
  5. Descending Dark also makes you immune. So with the right timing it’s both damage and immunity. So make sure you have this spell upgraded (upgrade all of them if you haven’t but Descending Dark is almost a must have. And it IS a must have for Godhome)
  6. And yeah, Descending Dark makes the nails on the floor disappear for a short time.

I always go for the full nail build.

Quick Slash, Mark of Pride are a staple.

Since you are new to the Radiance, Dash and Sprint master can be useful. If you have unbreakable heart or strenth, consider those.

And yeah, one more tip: try not to wait for the Radiance’s attack standing under her. If she attacks with rays, the distance between them is short enough so that you might dash away from one ray only to land right into the other.

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