Let’s! Revolution! – Tips for Playing Shadow

So, when I first started playing Shadow, I was like, “This is annoying!” He’s still kind of annoying, but I’ve got a decent 4-win streak going. Here are some tips.

Shadow Tips

  • If you can, Dagger into tiles around known, unrevealed roads to gather the most information. At first, I wanted to stab down roads to kill enemies, but you end up wasting a lotta turns that way.
  • If I stabbed into a road neighboring my starting position, I’d have way less information. I coulda gotten lucky and went right into the dead end, but now I know it’s there and have an isolated area to the right where I can find another in 1-3 turns.
  • Acquire and upgrade gold-gaining skills. You want Interest real early, and then an upgrade to that or the starting passive. They pay for themselves almost immediately.
  • Energy Orbs in Saffron fully restore your energy on defeat. Start exploring around them, but don’t go below the energy of the combined cost of cartwheel and dagger. When you’re about to, finish them off. This tip’s kinda obvious, but the gold you save here is what ensures you scaling into the mid game.
  • Upgrade dagger once for a 1-energy discount and buy extra max energy twice to 24. That brings you from 5 stabs per full energy bar (20/4) to 8 (24/3). You don’t need extra max health.
  • Buy a bow & keep it fully stocked. You need some way to deal damage without using energy.
  • Overcome loss aversion! Once your economy gets off the ground, you should be able to afford offensive items like the Blowdryer or Rusty Sword without worrying about it.
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