Army of Ruin – Tips to Complete Not Getting Hit Challenge

Not Getting Hit Challenge Tips

The build I used to accomplish the no damage taken runs was…


  • Quicksilver Spears: Innate
  • Mighty Punch: Great Knock Back for anything that gets too close
  • Living Paintbrush: Great Knock Back in front of you
  • Necromancers Gauntlets: Good Damage for anything too close
  • Frozen Shards: Great for Crowd Control behind you
  • Landslide: was a good option for sending out damage away from me
  • Buckler: Great for emergency protection
  • Leather Bracers: This is a mainstay for practically every build
  • Silver Bullet: To Boost Knock Back
  • Banner of Ruin OR Heavy Greaves: More Fire Rate
  • Emerald Ring: Ariana’s skill makes her invincable and deals massive damage on touch
  • Forbidden Shield: More FIRE rate

You want to focus on Fire Rate and Knock Back. Keep Ariana’s skill ready for bosses. Be sure to pay attention to the skill timer, you want to stand inside the boss while it is up but be sure to move away before it ends.

Dont rush anywhere, take it slow and steady. Pay attention to each minit’s spawns. Avoid any random attacks that could knock enemies into you, you want attacks that fire out away from you. Try to get whatever chests appear, and make sure to evolve as much as possible.

Try to get Forbidden Shield maxed out as soon as possible, but not at the cost of evolvable weapons and completeing the buildout. You dont need to go after any special bosses unless you’re built up well enough to make the journey safely.

And just Pay Attention, especially at the begining and at each new minit. Be sure to avoid traps. And you can always check the challenges in the pause menu, if you get hit, the challenge will not show up anymore. Have fun and good luck.

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