Hollow Knight – Steel Soul Mode Tips

Tips to Steel Soul Mode

General Tips

Just play it safe and get all upgrades you don’t need to kill a boss for before fighting any bosses.

Personally I feel it’s kind of a meh gamemode: it’s way more about just taking a good route than it is about skills or mental fortitude.

In Details

Obviously, if you’re good at a LOT of bosses (i.e. you can beat Pantheon of Hallownest), you can probably beat some bosses well enough with some lesser upgrades (I melted Broken Vessel with the 1 pale ore nail upgrade, thinking the fight was gonna be a lot longer than it was, then immediately back-to-backed Lost Kin in 1 try).

Honestly, environmental dangers are what get me more often than enemies and bosses.

Small tip: fragile charms are basically already unbreakable in a Steel Soul run because if you die with them equipped, well, your run’s now dead. You might as well make use of them (assuming you can spare the charm notches).

So, the main danger: hazards.

It also important to know which bosses you are comfortable with, and which you are not. But remember that you can always jump to your normal savefile and practice the bosses there.

  1. Don’t go to the spirit glade and fight Revek. Just don’t).
  2. Beware of Grimm’s minions when collecting flame. Expecially the later guys can kill you.
  3. The true final boss in the temple of the Black Egg kills you permamently.
  4. Don’t be afraid to use guides on how to find all notches, masks and necessary charms.
  5. No rushing, no dragging. Find your perfect tempo.
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