Last Train Home – Soldier Traits for Expeditions Explained

Soldier Traits for Expeditions

When you click on POI it shows little icons for beneficial traits like hunter, burglar etc.

After you assemble a squad it also has all the perks’ icons on the top of the card, specific for that squad.

there are generally marked as green for expedition.

Like i said above, all the perks that your squad got once its assembled are shown on the top of the squad.

I tried different time going with ou without out the good perk and yes, you should defenitly go with the good perks (which can be hard cause not a lot of soldiers got them).

Also keep in mind 80% time they wont look at them and only when they look at them do they matter at all.

Also that there is a chance they will look at negative traits or extremely rare conditions like hunger.

Basically think of it as a roll of a d20.

Something like:

  • 1. You f.
  • 2-5. It looks at negative traits.
  • 6-12. You get absolutely nothing.
  • 13-16. Event.
  • 17-18. Minor reward.
  • 19-20. Minor reward unless have bonus traits then bonus rewards.

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