Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – How to Reach Level 100

Best Way to Reach Level 100

I joined Langya and we get an npc we can train on for 12k exp for 10 stamina (No time passes.)

I used it to catch up in Hard mode where npcs level up.

He helps power leveling my entire team, and quickly master manuals.

Note: If your looking to get stronger without leveling up, and manuals. I just consume Saffron,Ginseng, Knotweed, Lingseng, and Tianshan Snow Lotus to increase my max hp and mp.

My Infinity manual uses alot of mp afterall…

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  1. you can fight the encounters that pop up on the map because those scale with your level. for late game leveling i fought the guy in the ice prison [main sect quest] a lot and i gained like 20 lvls in the time you’re stuck down there.

  2. You can always just do some world map encounters for large sums of xp. I’m kind of surprised that xp gain can be considered a problem. Maybe it also has something to do with the difficulty setting. I think nightmare gives a lot more than normal mode.

  3. Studying the books in Confuscious (and probs same in Shifa) gave me and my team like 25+ levels straight up. I had to read them all anyway for the internal and the ending, and all the xp was just a bonus.

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