Hell Let Loose – Advice for New Squad Leaders

Too many are afraid to take this role. Honestly, it’s not that hard. Hop in and get your feet wet. You will grow into the position. Don’t think you have to be a great squad leader in all areas, from the start. To make this easier, understand what’s actually important.

New Squad Leaders Tips

The single most important thing you do as a squad leader, is place down spawn points. Listen to your squad. When they tell you the OP is gone, make putting a new one down, the priority. It literally cuts average spawn time in half.

Often, a squad leader and a few other players are in the strong point, and the squad leader is informed of the OP being gone. Instead of getting one down, allowing his squad to come and help, they spend the next 2 minutes moving around the strong point, and end up getting killed. If the garry is also gone, the squad can’t help.

Sometimes, the SL is informed the OP is down, and he just spawned at a Garry that’s 200 to 400 meters from the strong point. They decide they want to get closer to the point to get a better placement of the OP. NO! Do not do that, because the odds are, the closer you get to the point, the more likely you will be killed. I’ve seen SL’s do this 3 or 4 times, before they finally get the OP placed down.

Instead, get one placed as quickly as you can, even if it’s right next to the garry. Worry about a better placement after your squad spawns in, and you successfully make it to the spot you want to place one.

If you do just this alone, your squad will appreciate you. The rest you will pick up the more you play.

One other thing is that you have binos. You have the ability to greatly increase the situational awareness of your squad. You also have the ability to place more permanent “pings.” Those are the orange colored graphics you see in game and on the map. Practice placing them, both using the map, and just by pointing at what it is you want to mark, and then selecting from the radial menu. On PC, that’s the simply holding the middle mouse button to bring up the menu. IMHO, this is best down with the binos, and holding shift to stop the swaying.

By placing these, you inform the whole team, not just your squad.

Note: just doing these things will get your more commendations than almost anything else you do in game.

Relax, and have fun with it. The SLs get some pretty good weapon upgrades, so start racking up the XP in SL as soon as you can.

TL;DR: The #1 thing is to keep OPs up so your squad’s respawn time is cut in half. Do that and they will be happy with you. Relax, and grow into the rest.

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