Demon Spore – General Tips

Advice for Different Players

  • The spore egg is almost always my first target when I enter a room and see it, since unlike the other types currently, it can grow to become your death while the others can easily be duked/jared to death.
  • For the flame thrower, clearing cores seems its best purpose, while the laser is both powerful, but at the same time quite limited.
  • Shotgun is indeed great but gets iffy against cores due to bullets not piercing.
  • If you notice any acid/fire jars/barrels, the spider spawner can be somewhat ignored. Kill it fast otherwise if its the most dangerous in the room.
  • Will note that a room that has a weapon/equipment that gets infected, still has it, just simply that the room is now infected.
  • Would be helpful for maybe the icon of it is put in the corner so you can know which room has it again.
  • Clearing infected rooms is possible if you got the gear for it.
  • Also found the 3rd slot equipment a few more times and realized after the 2nd time that unlike the others, this one says nothing when you get it.
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