Hell Let Loose – Useful Tips for New Players

Tips for Noobs

Here are some tips you can do to make the game better for you and everybody around you.

  • Try to have a Mic so you communicate, if you don’t just use your squad chat with the L key or use team chat with K key if you spot something important for the team like an enemy Tank , Garrison , Outpost. Also you can use your scroll on the mouse to mark and place pings on the map.
  • Always ask if the squad leader needs you to play any role but if he doesn’t say anything you can get the support role even if you don’t plan on playing it just to drop the 50 supplies and tell your SL to make a garrison. After that you can change your class since you will have cooldown on the supplies.
  • Check your map once in awhile and if you see there is no other squads defending try to make your squad to stay on defense since its very important and most of the games defense gets most of the kills/action
  • Don’t try to always rush enemy positions and play a bit patient so you don’t get shot every other second. Communicate with your squad or friendlies around so you can take the enemy easier
  • If you don’t have a Mic DO NOT play the squad leader/commander role.
  • If its the start of the game and somebody else took the support role in your squad you can go engineer and go and build nodes (resources) with a supply truck after the first 2 friendly grids on the map or you can ask a support player to drop you their supplies in HQ. Nodes will help the team a lot and will also make you gain more XP as long as those nodes are there during the game even if you change to another class after you finish with the engineer.
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