Don’t Starve Together – Beginners Tips

You can kind of follow these step by step.

Tips for New Players

Step-by-Step Tips

First 4 you can kind of do in the first 20 days, so 5 days for each paragraph can be a checklist as you progress. The rest are later seasonal extension requirements. You will get better and more efficient at all of this over time.

Craft armor, such as a log suit, and put it on during any combat situation (will need a Science Machine of course). If you want a backpack, you can keep it on while not fighting and put on the body armor during combat to take a lot less damage, it’s a pretty effective strategy. In settings also turn off Lag Compensation to help with combat. Might be a while to get used to it, but it’s absolutely worth it. Learn to strike at the right time and dodge attacks. If your armor breaks or is close to breaking, make another one to replace it, don’t leave it to chance. Wigfrid’s Battle Helmets are especially effective, so if you have a Wigfrid in your party, have that player craft 1 or 2 helmets per player if you have the rocks and gold for it.

Kill butterflies. Get underneath them and then press Ctrl + F to attack to kill. It may take some time to get used to it, but it’s oddly a great starting healing resource with some hunger to suit. Not an effective strategy in winter as they don’t spawn from flowers in that time. Also capturing butterflies alive with a net lets you plant them for another flower, good for when you want to make bee boxes as they will let bees make honey (if it’s not winter) which you can later harvest. Generally, for healing and hunger, you will need the Crock Pot to make better meals, drying racks to make raw meats a better food to eat as is and farms for growing crops. Ice Boxes are good for keeping food

Dip into caves to grab a few light bulbs from certain plants there to make a Lantern (needs Alchemy Engine to craft), a much better light source than a Torch. These can be refuelled with the bulbs as well. It’s not dangerous in there usually near the entrances, it’s just dark. If by around this time you start killing hounds and getting some hound’s teeth or got some from elsewhere already, start building up a tooth trap field to deal with hounds near, but not too close to your base for long term defenses. Use their teeth against them!

Prepare winter clothing such as Winter Hat like by getting silk from spiders and wool by shaving beefalo at night, though beware if they get red butts, Thermal Stones are also very recommended. After that, killing some pigs for pig skin to make umbrella for the rain in spring may be a good idea, I suggest feeding them 4 monster meat to turn them into werepigs to get more resources, 2 meat and 1 pig skin to be exact, which is not only good for better food and Umbrellas, but also Football Helmet armors and Ham Bat weapons. Also, make sure your base layout is such that you can cover everything but the firepits with at least one Ice Fling-o-matic. Getting the gears and ice for it might be tricky, but it’s worth long term. Oh and don’t forget the Lightning Rod! If you start getting low on gold, you can get renewable gold by giving Pig King trinkets or meats.

Aim to craft a Prestihatitator and Shadow Manipulator under the Magic tab. Those will allow you to craft some good magic items. Part of doing this may require some grave digging. If you have an armor and weapon, you can start getting used to fighting the nightmares which come for you when you’re insane. Tree guards drop living logs, that and some other lower end bosses might be something you may need to get good at fighting, either alone or with a party.

If you start to get good, you may want to explore the ruins during Summer time or go to the oasis desert for fishing out a Desert Goggles blueprint to go through the sandstorm. Otherwise, turn on Ice Fling-o-matics if you are near base and make sure they don’t run out of fuel so your base doesn’t combust from wildfires and your crops don’t become wilted. Killing the antlion found in the sandstorm of the oasis desert during this season, by feeding it frozen thermal stone may be difficult but will keep it from wrecking your base later on. Or you can passify it every 3 to 5 days by feeding it trinkets or stone.

After one successful year, you can explore where you haven’t and see if you can get enough armor, weapons and healing items/healing foods, such as pierogi (feed bird in cage meat to get eggs for cooking that) to fight some of the bosses.

Bonus Tips

  • Also i recommend playing on relaxed game difficulty first, as you get more time to learn about game.
  • If you feel good enough you can try to rush ruins, for starter chars i recommend wolfgang, wx78 and wendy. Wilson probably the best one for beginners as he has no pros or cons, but i started with wolfgang and it felt good enough especially after rework.
  • You can make pierogi in crafting tab by adding one meat one vegetable one egg and one filter (like honey, ice, i might be wrong with the recipe tho, havent played for a long time) i recommend crocking pot mod that shows what will you get from cooking. also good tip is to stay away from campfires as they dont worth it (unless you need to cook something). So stick to torches while gathering resources for lantern.
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