Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters – Tips for Beating Morbus Missions

You need to banish those chaos spawns.

How to Beat Morbus Missions

Vakir can one shot most demon type foes with her banish ability, including those stationary flowers and trees (they’re daemonic). Do remember she has to be in melee range though.

With that said I can suggest the following:

  • Bring a lot of firepower; you wanna make sure you get rid of each wave of enemies as fast as possible.
  • Spread out your knights, enough to always send at least one knight to each rift as they pop, but close enough so that you’ll be able to reinforce.
  • Executions are VERY helpful.
  • If possible, prevent Kartha from taking any damage.
  • You can, sometimes, prevent enemies from coming through a rift, if you place a knight in the exact tile where the rift is (won’t work if whatever is coming is a big enemy).
  • The Morbus gate will always be guarded; don’t rush in if you don’t have enough firepower to wipe most or all of them in a single turn.
  • Sometimes enemies become considerably less threatening if you take away their mutations; don’t forget to bring something you can purge with (preferably something with 100% chance to purge).
  • Don’t send Kartha first, unless you can follow up with enough to clean up the rest (or minimize damage).

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