Don’t Starve Together – How to Beat Crab King

Here you can find few tips that might help you to beat crab king.

How to Defeat Crab King

You can’t really fight legit unless you’re 4 players.

I strongly suggest putting purle gems, other colored gems make crab king more cancerous. Put red gems if you want to Suffer.

Easiest Way

Putting 40 bees (in spring since they’re agressive) or bee mines (with help of rudder kit to turn the boat, so the mine will go toward crab) to trigger angry bees that attack crab. And while the bees do the job you stay away from his claw, but still close enough to prevent crab king from using the freeze spell on the bees.

Hardest Way

Having lot of weather pain and 6-7 freeze staves. Basically you prevent crab king from making geyser on your boat. If he try to heal himself, you use weathers pain. When the claw come, freeze crab so you can focus on destroying the claw and repairing the boat. It’s extremely hard, fail once and you’re lost! It’s insane.

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