Oxygen Not Included – Beginners Tips

Tips for New Players

I’d say just try and play and it for a while. Klei likes this ‘throw-you-into-cold-water’ and ‘learn-by-failure’ approach.

Experiment with things and don’t forget to read every bit of information the game throws at you, especially tooltips.

Maybe a few early tips:

  • Set up a bathroom.
  • Produce food and try not to rely on mushbars.
  • Don’t take too many duplicants early on, that mainly makes the game harder, if you don’t really know yet what you are doing; I’d say 5-8 dupes is enough (err on the lower side).
  • If you don’t have many dupes, oxygen production via algae should last you quite a while.
  • Explore and evaluate your options and experiment a lot.
  • Losing a duplicant is not the end of the world (that has already occured), just the end of that particular dupe.
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