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Tips to Play as Engineer

Engineers are mostly interesting to play (for building) for defense. Their job is to delay the enemy, and make them lose enough tickets for defenders to be comfortable during the “final push” on the point. So you should try to save time by making enemies waste theirs in the approach (since it is not possible to build inside objectives, better to build in layers around them).

In defense, you can:

  • Prepare “gates” in wire: instead of locking all wires (which will be destroyed by teammates), build a wire in the inside of a small built-in wire opening (e.g. something like –_–, with the hyphens being default wire, and underscore your own).
  • If you can defend a trench entrace/shell hole, place snadbags facing the enemy; if you cannot, place wire at the bottom of the hole.
  • Build sniper shields/sandbags next to MG nests to try providing some cover.
  • Build sniper shields if a part of your trenches is lowered and easily accesible; enemies will have to jump and/or climb over it to enter the trench lateraly.
  • Place wire+sandbag+wire in tranches that ennemies may use.

And of course the classicals:

  • Build mortars, cannons, and MG, and to a lesser extent command tables.
  • When you feel that the defensive side is ok, try to sneak in the ennemies’ back and destroy ennemy MGs and spawn points.
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