Card Survival: Tropical Island – Hydration Tips

Tips to Hydration

  1. Coconuts are fine to drink but you will need to eat charcoal to reduce diarhea, it is possible to be a net positive this way.

Also make sure to stay nice and chill, water will leave your body really fast if you are overheating.

  1. On a regular run there is a guarantied rain on start of second day, having some coconuts halves ready to collect the rain water will give you couple of days of stress free exploration.

After that the rains are random but they are pretty common in my experience.

You already learned that mangroves are a dangerous area. Yes the goal is to go towards the wetlands and get access to clay to build water storage things. it is not the only way but it is an easier way.

There is also a regenerating suply of water inside the dark cave. it is not much but it will keep you alive in a pinch.

  1. if you are still struggling with hydration the different starts are there for a reason, to learn the game while under less strees so you can then play the game normaly after you know some tips and tricks.

There are 2 options here:

  • If you want a different starts and variety there exists a farmer character which starts with a reservoir built. There are also some other characters but hydration wise they are proobably harder. Farmer does have its own challenges though…
  • If you want the vanilla beach start but with a boost check out some of the perks, especially the survival trunk 5000 or something like that, it will get you started with lots of extra items which you can relly on while you are trying to figure things out.
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